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CPR and ACLS in San Juan!


CPR and ACLS in San Juan de la Maguana
By: Cathy Case 

Before teaching at the hospital, I had the privilege to tour the hospital with the CCED Nursing instructor, Elizabeth. Nicole and I got to see many different areas of the hospital and how the students worked in these areas. It was eye opening to say the least for me. There were no fancy rooms but wards of patients divided by disease process, age, or specialty of care they needed.

Saturday we went back to the hospital to be introduced to Ranfis the hospitalist. Nik and Ranfis were the ones responsible for setting up all the classes at the hospital. At the hospital, they have a very nice educational room for classes. As a bonus it has air-conditioning. Ranfis also showed us the ICU. ICU looked a little bit like our hospitals at home but with some major difference. During our visit, none of the patients were connected to the monitors in the 5 bed unit. Ranfis also begged me to teach them how to use the 5 new ventilators they had in the hospital (but had received no training on them) and to look at the defibrillators in the ICU and ER. I was very encouraged to hear Ranfis’ energy and enthusiasm to have classes in the coming week.

After visiting at the hospital, I added a basic heart rhythm review and how to use the hospital- specific types of monitors and defibrillators. I wanted to make sure I could help them learn the principles of Advanced Cardiac Life Support but also how to use the equipment they have available…

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