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Child Nutrition Program


In the United States, $45 a month is equivalent to a dinner out with a friend, your daily coffee from the gas station, or a family trip to the movies. Pledging just $45 a month to the Child Nutrition Program is a small sacrifice with life-changing results. Through your financial commitment, a malnourished child in the Dominican Republic will be given hope for the future and desperately needed medical care.


A monthly gift of $45 can be stretched very far in the Child Nutrition Program. Your pledge is able to provide the following:

  • Milk for one child
  • Vitamins for one child
  • Medical testing and treatment for one child
  • Funding for the Literacy Program
  • Support for the program director, doctors, and health promoters 


Solid Rock International sees a pledge to the Child Nutrition Program as a special commitment and we would like to thank our donors in a unique way for their support. For those who pledge to this life-changing program, we would like to say “gracias” in the following ways:

  • A small gift will be sent to you by mail as a reminder of the lives you have touched and continue to impact.
  • Quarterly updates specific to the Child Nutrition Program are often included in the SRI newsletter that will be mailed to you.


In the areas of El Batey and Gajo de Pedro where the Child Nutrition Program serves, only about 60% of the mothers and grandmothers in the program can read and write.  Without these basic skills, it is difficult to find a good job, make wise financial decisions, buy food in the market, and use a cell phone. Family members of children enlisted in the program are encouraged to participate in free classes taught by Pastor Frank Medina, who follows a Bible-based program provided by Pastor Frank teaches in Gajo de Pedro, a rough town where it is common to carry a gun.  Through this Christian-based program, he has seen at least four of his students come to know Jesus Christ.


Begin your pledge of just $45/month to the Child Nutrition Program,
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Learn more about the Child Nutrition Program, its staff, beginnings, and how it works.