Solid Rock International

All Ways To Donate

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Donations by check can be sent to:
Solid Rock International
PO Box 9100
Fort Wayne, IN 46899

All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

  1. Give to support the current projects of SRI ministries in the Dominican Republic.

  2. The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) is a faith-based ministry that provides milk and nutritious foods to malnourished children along with health education for their caregivers. In addition, communities are instructed in the areas of food preparation, sanitation, and birth control methods to increase the reach and effectiveness of the program.

  3. The CNP has positively impacted thousands of children in need since its inception in 1991. Thank you for your consideration of getting involved with this life-changing ministry. Your pledge of $45 a month is enough to provide crucial care and a brighter future for a child in need.

  4. Donate to support the daily operations and needs of the clinic as they strive to provide quality healthcare for all.

  5. Funds are needed to provide salaries to SRI Dominican staff members holding key leadership roles within our programs.

  6. Funds given support the day-to-day operations of Solid Rock International.

  7. Support the guesthouse operations and needs in order to provide a safe and comfortable lodging experience for mission teams.

  8. Our full-time missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic rely on financial support that comes from generous SRI donors. They are a vital necessity as they host short-term mission teams and assist in the communication and organization of all SRI programs.

  9. A new facility has been built for the Christian Clinic for Integral Health. Your support will help create a smooth transition as the size and scope of the clinic has increased.

  10. This fund provides for one-time or periodic gifts to help offset the costs of students who are not yet sponsored in each of our affiliated schools.

  11. The gift of education changes lives and helps bring children out of poverty by providing hope, opportunity, and knowledge for a lifetime. The Christian schools sponsored by Solid Rock International offer an excellent education in a Christ-centered environment, providing students with skills to create a future of success. You can change the life of a student today by starting your sponsorship of just $38 a month!