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All Ways To Donate

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Donations by check can be sent to:
Solid Rock International
PO Box 20867
Indianapolis, IN 46220

All donations are tax-deductible.

  1. This is the place to support some of the many and exciting projects going on within the programs of SRI. Check back often to find out what’s new and how you can participate in the work that is taking place in local schools, churches, clinic, and with people in the community.

  2. The CMES will serve as the home for the Paramedic Education Program as well as provide a safe space for growth and multi-disciplinary collaboration. It will allow for more opportunities for North American volunteers to not only share medical knowledge but also form professional relationships with Dominican medical staff members.

    This life-saving ministry works to provide malnourished infants and children with milk and vitamins, as well as education for their mothers. Your generous donation will provide for starving children and their families who may otherwise be without hope.

  4. Pledging just $45 a month to the Child Nutrition Program is a small sacrifice with life-changing results. Through your financial commitment, a malnourished child in the Dominican Republic will be given hope for the future and desperately needed medical care.

  5. There are several key people who work in leadership roles within the various programs supported by SRI. These staff members are responsible for directly overseeing and ensuring quality care within each SRI program. SRI supporters are able to give to these invaluable individuals in order to provide them with a salary for their work.

  6. Our full-time missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic work on a volunteer basis, and all financial support comes from generous SRI donors. Our on site missionaries are a vital necessity as they host short-term mission teams and assist in the communication and organization of all SRI programs.

  7. Did you know that if every volunteer who served in the DR through Solid Rock over the course of one year pledged to give just a dollar a day for three years we would COMPLETE the project budget?! Thank you for considering participation in this way!

  8. A new clinic is being constructed in San Juan. Join in the REVOLUTION!

  9. Do you have a friend or family member who doesn’t want or need any material gifts this Christmas? How about buying some needed medical equipment in their honor instead? You can make a huge difference this Christmas and give a gift that matters!

  10. Our General Scholarship fund provides for one-time or periodic gifts to help defray the costs of the students that are listed as Unsponsored Students in each of our schools.

  11. Funds given to support the day to day operations of Solid Rock International.

  12. The gift of education changes lives and helps bring people out of poverty by providing hope, opportunity, and knowledge for a lifetime. The Christian schools of Solid Rock International offer an excellent education in a Christ-centered environment, providing students with the ability to create a future of success.