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Mission Trips

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Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Solid Rock International specializes in custom-designed mission trips that fit the skills, interests, and personality of your specific team. With over 25 years of short-term mission expertise, we will help you plan an effective, organized, and unforgettable service opportunity in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominicans are such giving, compassionate, and loving people. They have reinforced that it truly takes so little to make one happy and content with your life and your family. That it is family and fellowship that matters . . . not materialistic items.
–SRI Volunteer

Types  of  Mission  Teams


Solid Rock International currently has a high need for teams of this kind. With plans for a new medical facility on the horizon, many willing and able volunteers are needed to help complete this exciting project. Additionally, extra hands are always in high demand to complete various jobs in and around the SRI-sponsored schools, the guesthouse, local churches, and the medical clinic. We’re ready for you to bring your skills and we’ll put you to work!

General  Medical

In the Dominican Republic, many people either live far from a healthcare facility, or may not have the means to afford regular check-ups and basic medicines. By participating on this type of trip, volunteers travel to different rural locations each day, providing and assisting with outpatient medical care for those in need.  This is a great fit for doctors, nurses, students, and Spanish-speakers. Non-medical team members will also be useful with crowd control, entertaining the children, and assisting the on-site pastor.


Spend a week serving at the Christian Clinic for Integral Health in San Juan de la Maguana, and use your skills and training in the operating room to make a huge difference in the lives of others. The clinic is open year-round, but many specialty procedures are not regularly available to the community. Many surgeons and their teams return on an annual basis, offering their skills in the areas of ENT, general, ob-gyn, orthopedic, plastic, and much more. Surgical volunteers can serve in a rewarding way, by providing life-altering treatments for patients who otherwise may never have such an opportunity.

Vacation  Bible  School

The kids of the Dominican Republic adore making North American friends, and will soak up as much love and attention as teams are able to give. In a country where material possessions are few, the knowledge of Christ at an early age fills children up in a way the world never can or will. Solid Rock International desires to aid the local church by raising up young people who are strong in their faith and passionate about serving their fellow neighbor. Preparing and hosting VBS and children’s sports camps are excellent opportunities to enrich the lives of Dominican children, as well as gain perspective in your own.