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Rice & Beans Challenge 2013 – the Final Update

How do we view food? As entertainment? A hobby? A temptation?

During the week of the Rice & Beans Challenge, many SRI supporters gained a small understanding of how most people in the world view food – as a necessity for life. As the dinner hour approached, we didn’t have the luxury of choice. Dinner would be rice and beans.

God acts when we willingly deprive ourselves of affluence. During this week, our bodies maybe have been tired and worn down. But, our hearts were changed and our minds were clear.

We ate simply for children like Neyda, a sweet 7-year-old who weighed only 24 pounds as a result of poor nutrition. And for Genry, an 8-year-old boy who was suffering from parasites and a bacterial infection. And for Lurden, a mother of ten children who is reeling from the loss of her husband who was murdered.

We were excited to see such a wide range of participants this year! As a result of the Challenge, SRI supporters donated $4,972.50 to the Child Nutrition Program! The Child Nutrition Program provides milk, vitamins, and medical care for undernourished infants and children, as well as a literacy program for their caretakers.

If you want to continue supporting the Child Nutrition Program throughout the year, consider becoming a CNP Pledger. These supporters make a monthly pledge of $45 to meet the needs of the children enrolled. If 23 more people join the team of CNP Pledgers, the program will be completely self-sustaining! Will you consider joining? For more information on the CNP Pledge, click here.

If you begin a CNP Pledge, a small gift will be sent to you by mail as a reminder of the lives you have touched and continue to impact. In addition, you will receive quarterly updates about the Child Nutrition Program with stories and pictures.

Thank you so much for your involvement and for your genuine care for our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. Start gearing up for next year!

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