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Barrio needs list… (reposted)

I believe it’s time to post another Needs List.   The first medications listed are the basic medications that we ALWAYS NEED for every team.   It should be noted that some of the most common illnesses seen in the Barrios are chronic hypertension, funguses, “gripe” (which can mean cough/cold/snotty nose/fever/flu), vaginal discharge, headaches, over body pain and fatigue, anemia, allergies or rashes, and infections.   Please let me know if there are any questions that I can answer…. at

Needs List:

12000 adult vitamins

12000 children vitamins

10000 prenatal vitamins

1000 folic acid

3000 iron

at least 100 tubes of antifungal creams

hydrocortizone creams

triple antibiotic creams

at least 50 cough syrups (adult AND children)

allergy meds ( benadryl, zyrtec, allegra, etc)

inhalers/MDIs (albuterol, steroids, etc)

cough drops

at least 3000 81 mg ASA

at least 6000-8000 ibuprofen

at least 6000-8000 tylenol

children’s tylenol (80 mg pills AND suspension) **** we actually do NOT need this at this very moment but check in on this before your team arrives

children’s motrin suspension (see ***** for tylenol above)

OTHER pain meds (Meloxicam is EXCELLENT to use here, as is tramadol and naproxen…we could use at least 4000 of each)

GI meds:  omneprazole (this is the biggie/the most popular) at least 6000-8000, zantac, pepsid, tums

stool softeners/antinausea medications

BPS meds (maybe 4000-6000 pills of each of the following..these are the most common used BP meds here)

Lisinopril (we have plenty at this moment but check in again before your team begins collecting supplies to arrive)


atenolol (50 AND 100 mg)







DM meds:  metformin 850

ABX (we have a number of abx here at this moment but check in again before your team begins collecting supplies to arrive)

amox (suspensions, 125 mg, 250mg, 500 mg)

augmentin susp











Vaginal infections- Diflucan (we have PLENTY at this time but check back when your group is gathering packing supplies to verify), vaginal creams

Antivirals:  acyclovir

PEP- we need Combivir and Truvada urgently

Antiparasite meds: Albendazole

All eye and ear drops (antibiotics AND lubricating eye drops)


Vitamins as addressed above

Tongue depressors/urine dipsticks/urine specimen containers or dixie cups

at least 2000 small plastic medication baggies to distribute your medications

at least 2000 brown paper bags to disperse medications

at least 20 pens/sharpies

Any other specialty medications that your specific doctors prefer to prescribe.  🙂




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