Solid Rock International

Donate: Enol Yeon

Staff Support: Enol Yeon

Enol uses his gifts and skills as a pastor in a variety of ways by supporting the mission teams, staff, and SRI ministries as a whole. He accompanies the medical teams to the barrio clinics to share God’s word, assists in the planning and execution of Vacation Bible School weeks, and provides spiritual teaching and guidance for the staff. Enol plays an important and vital role in SRI’s mission to transform the body, mind, and soul of the poor and is a great asset for SRI ministries. Currently, Enol is only supported at 59% of his funding needs.



Per IRS regulations, contributions are made with the understanding that SRI has control over the use of donated funds. If, however, funds are unable to be applied according to original donor intent, the donor will be contacted before funds are allocated in a different manner.