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We believe the new clinic will truly be a revolution for the community.  But we cannot do this without the prayers, participation, and sacrificial financial giving from people like you.  Please consider how you can be a part of this project as we prepare to watch God work and move to provide for its completion.

Your donation will make a difference!  Thank you for your prayerful consideration of how you can sacrificially give to support the REVOLUTION!  To help you and your family or organization discern this financial commitment, here is a three-year giving chart with some examples:

To express our gratitude for your gift, donations of $3,600 or more will be recognized with the donor’s name listed on the clinic lobby wall. Donations of over $25,000 qualify for room naming. If you meet this requirement, a SRI representative will contact you for more information.

Please keep in mind that our office is available to discuss gifts of stocks, bonds, and assets. All gifts are tax deductible. Also, in order to be good stewards of funding, we suggest donations above $500 be sent in the form of a check (including automatic checks from your bank) to avoid the 3% processing fee.

Per IRS regulations, contributions are made with the understanding that SRI has control over the use of donated funds. If, however, funds are unable to be applied according to original donor intent, the donor will be contacted before funds are allocated in a different manner.