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Paramedic EducationThank goodness the paramedics have arrived!

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting SRI’s second Paramedic Education Program, enthusiastically anticipated for the summer of 2020. As the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic, the program will provide a foundation of emergency medical education and advanced technical skills training to its inaugural class of paramedic students. The extensive curriculum will incorporate lessons in assessment and management of a wide variety of traumatic and medical emergencies. Highly interactive lessons an in-hospital clinical experiences will stress critical thinking during times of limited resources.Paramedic students will become proficient in providing safe and reliable treatment to patients during the initial, most critical phase of patient stabilization.

We are asking, wholeheartedly, for your generous financial support of the Paramedic Education Program during the infancy of this extraordinary endeavor. The intention of Solid Rock International is to create a strong, sustainable foundation for the educational success of paramedics and subsequent ambulance services for many years to come. Donated funds will be invested with great care toward purchases of paramedic textbooks (Spanish and English), medical assessment and treatment equipment, professional uniforms, as well as a variety of adult and pediatric simulation mannequins to aid in repetitious, hands-on training scenarios.

With your support, we can help to truly REVOLUTIONIZE the way that emergency medical services are provided in San Juan de la Maguana.

If you are interested in finding out how you can assist this REVOLUTIONARY program, please contact:

Michael Trompak
Paramedic Education Program Director, Instructor

PEP Medical Equipment List – Physical supplies needed for the program

Per IRS regulations, contributions are made with the understanding that SRI has control over the use of donated funds. If, however, funds are unable to be applied according to original donor intent, the donor will be contacted before funds are allocated in a different manner.