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The Center for Medical Education and Simulation (CMES) in San Juan de la Maguana will be the first and only facility of its kind in the Dominican Republic. Located next to the new building being constructed for the Christian Clinic for Integrated Health (the REVOLUTION Project), the CMES will serve as the home for the Paramedic Education Program as well as provide a safe space for growth and multi-disciplinary collaboration. The CMES will allow for more opportunities for North American volunteers to not only share medical knowledge but also form professional relationships with Dominican medical staff members. Interest is expected from the San Juan area and is predicted to spread to other regions of the country, serving as a hub for learning and medical experience.

The facility itself will have air conditioning, electricity, white boards, dedicated multimedia equipment, a break room, and restrooms. Key features will include the following:

  • Primary classroom – multipurpose area for large classes and formal presentations
  • Secondary classroom – for smaller classes and break-out training sessions
  • Medical training equipment storage room
  • Management office – to schedule simulations, record keeping, etc.
  • Four simulation rooms – will be used to represent the “chain of survival” from injury/illness to definitive care. Simulation rooms will include the following:
    • Living area
    • Ambulance interior
    • Emergency room
    • Operating room

For those interested in collaborating and/or volunteering, please contact Michael Trompak, Director of the Paramedic Education Program ( To make a donation to support this project, please click the button below! Thank you for your interest and support.

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