Solid Rock International

Meet Our Staff

The Solid Rock International staff is a group of committed individuals with wide-ranging talents and skills focused on serving the poor in the Dominican Republic. As a staff, we are passionate about our work in this life-changing ministry and would like to thank you for your continued support!

Dominican  National Staff

BienvenidaBienvenida Suero – Medical Team Coordinator
Bienvenida is a key link between the Christian Clinic of Integrated Health (CCSI) and the North American medical mission teams. She keeps the work week running smoothly for Solid Rock volunteers by preparing for the teams and ensuring sound communication throughout the week. Bienvenida also is responsible for promoting the schedule of visiting North American surgeons within the community, advertising for the clinic, and setting the outpatient barrio clinic locations, and advertising for the clinic.

CanarioDr. Osvaldo Canario – Clinic Director & Founder, Director of Child Nutrition Program
Dr. Canario directs the Christian Clinic of Integrated Health, located just next to the SRI guesthouse in San Juan de la Maguana. Dr. Canario has been working in the clinic since it’s doors opened in the late 1980′s, and also plays a major role overseeing the Child Nutrition Program. He felt called to serve the poor through medicine at an early age, and has given his life to the needy of his community.

CruzDr. Jazmin Cruz – Child Nutrition Program Doctor
Dr. Jazmin Cruz has worked in the clinic in El Cercado and been looking after the day to day operations of the Child Nutrition Program since 2014. She is an integral part of the community in providing nutrition advice, medical care, and supporting the operations of the clinic. In addition, she is a vital part of the Solid Rock International family as she provides leadership, guidance, and support for the Child Nutrition Program and the various areas that it impacts.

Enol1Enol Yeon – Solid Rock International Pastor
Enol is Solid Rock International’s pastor and accompanies the medical teams to the barrio clinics, assists in planning and execution of the VBS teams, and provides spiritual guidance for the SRI staff as a whole. He plays an important and vital role in Solid Rock’s mission to transform the body, mind, and soul of the poor. Pastor Enol is a humble and passionate man of God and we are confident that you will enjoy working with him.

Frank PictureFrank Beltre – REVOLUTION Financial Manager

My wife, Juanita and I have been involved with SRI for many years and in many roles including: as administrator in the CCSI, working in the guesthouse, and serving on the SRI Board. My family returned to our beloved country to help with the transformation of CCSI to continue serving the poor as the REVOLUTION Financial Manager. It has been a great blessing and opportunity that God has given to us through SRI to be an instrument of His grace and to establish His kingdom in the DR.

unnamedGregoria, Margo, and MayraGuesthouse Keepers
Gregoria, Margo, and Mayra clean and ready the guest rooms, prepare authentic Dominican meals, and help keep things tidy around the Guesthouse for our incoming teams. The ladies have been a picture of kindness and hard work to our missionaries and teams for the many years they have worked with us. We would not be able to effectively serve our teams without them! God has been gracious to us through them and we pray that they would be with us for many years to come!

Hector Paniagua – Outreach Coordinator

Hector works to orient and lead the North American outpatient medical “barrio” teams. He also works with the SRI Pastor to facilitate planning and execution of the Vacation Bible School teams as well as other ministry opportunities in the community. Hector is a talented leader and valuable guide for the mission teams visiting the guesthouse looking to be effective in their ministry. We are positive that it won’t take you long to fall in love with Hector and see the great need for his work with SRI.

NefNefthali Del Rosario – Surgical Coordinator
Nefthali directs, assists, and helps lead the North American surgical and medical teams by preparing the clinic and pharmacy in advance of and orienting the volunteers upon arrival. He also assists the clinic staff with acquiring patient lists of surgical candidates, patient follow-up, and maintaining standards and protocols of patient care and Public Health regulation. Neftali is an invaluable member of our team and a lot of fun as well!

Euclides Picture HeadshotEuclides Montero – Construction Coordinator
Euclides has been SRI’s Construction Coordinator since November 2018. He has worked as a ministry assistant with Solid Rock since 2011. He serves as the link between SRI construction projects and the North American construction teams and will orient, guide, and support your construction team during their stay in San Juan. Euclides is a hard worker and will help you best utilize your team’s talents and skills to serve the people of the San Juan region.

Missionary Staff

Buchers PictureJeff & Kamanda Bucher – In-Country Directors 
We are excited to be back in San Juan with our daughter Braegan to serve with SRI for a second time. As the In-Country Directors, we are using our skills to ensure effective ministry is taking place for all those who serve through SRI. This involves planning with teams before they come, as well as following up after their week of service. We also support the Guesthouse Hosts in a variety of ways. We love this city, this country, this culture, and feel privileged to serve our Lord in this manner.

Nicole PictureNicole Eby de Rodriguez – Medical Coordinator
Hi! I’m Nicole Eby de Rodriguez and I’m a Medical Coordinator here at SRI. I’m a wife to Anthony, a registered Nurse, and have been on site for more than five years. I greatly enjoy the diversity of my job, working in the clinic and with the surgical teams, coordinating patient care, and traveling to the barrios to host mobile clinics with the medical teams. However, my favorite thing to do is simply interact with the wonderful folks that we get to take care of and spend time with.

Millers PictureJon & Alissa Miller – Guesthouse Hosts

Hola! We are the Millers. We are excited to grow new roots in the DR as we have the privilege of serving with SRI as Guesthouse Hosts. Moving to another country is one of many adventures we’ve shared since getting married in March 2017. Some of our favorite things to do are share how God has been faithful in our own lives as well as hear the stories of others. We promise open arms as we welcome you to the guesthouse… a place of growth, service, love, reflection, and compassion.

PotterKen Potter – REVOLUTION Construction Manager
I am overseeing the building of the new clinic, representing the many wonderful people who have supported the REVOLUTION campaign and am working to see that the construction be as cost effective as possible. My wife Stacy and I have traveled several times to the DR starting in 2006 with our home church (Second Presbyterian Church – Roanoke, VA) and feel called to help make the clinic a reality so that it may better serve the people of the DR.

North American Office Staff

LoriLori – Administrative Assistant
I work as Administrative Assistant, part-time out of my home in Ohio. I’m thrilled to be able to use my skills in accounting to assist the rest of the SRI team. I am so excited each month to see the teams traveling to the DR to serve and give of their time, skills, and resources to support the Dominican people. God is doing a lot of amazing things through SRI and I’m so glad that I can be a small part of keeping some of the many details straight.

Megan – Program CoordinatorIMG-1661
I recently joined the Solid Rock staff and could not be more excited for this opportunity! I constantly see staff members passionately pursue the heart of God and the needs of those in the Dominican Republic and I am so excited to serve and grow alongside them. I am thankful to be able to use my administrative and communication skills to assist in the office and help the organization run smoothly. I am honored to play a part in this organization and pray that God will use me to bless many!

Joe & Shannon – Executive Director & Director of Development
We work on the administrative side of SRI in the Indianapolis office, overseeing the various programs and ministries in the Dominican Republic. The work of SRI is very close to our hearts as we spent two and a half years serving as the Guesthouse Administrators in San Juan de la Maguana before taking our current jobs. We feel absolutely blessed to be serving our Dominican friends in this challenging and rewarding position.