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Do you have a friend or family member who doesn’t want or need any material gifts? How about buying some needed medical equipment in their honor instead?  You can make a huge difference and give a gift that matters! Take a look through the Solid Rock International REVOLUTION Gift Catalog and consider purchasing some medical equipment for the new clinic in San Juan!

Solid Rock International is blessed to be in partnership with IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative) as they will provide refurbished equipment for a great price. Each room in the clinic will be packed and sent as a complete suite that will be ready to use upon arrival.

1. CHOOSE A GIFT: Select a gift from the REVOLUTION Catalog.

2. DONATE: Mail a check and the order form from the back of the catalog to Solid Rock International, PO Box 20867, Indianapolis, IN 46220 or donate online and call/email the office to indicate which gift you have chosen.

3. RECOGNIZE: You can print out one of the following pages to give as a gift to your friend or family member as recognition of the donation made in their honor:

Merry Christmas #1
Merry Christmas #2
Thank You #1
Thank You #2

Any questions? Call our office at 419-956-4077 or email Megan at mhendon@solidrockinternational.orgOr request your catalog by contacting us.

Per IRS regulations, contributions are made with the understanding that SRI has control over the use of donated funds. If, however, funds are unable to be applied according to original donor intent, the donor will be contacted before funds are allocated in a different manner.