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You are Glorious!

Months before we began our new lives in the DR, our home church, Pine Hills, met for a night of worship.  Now for those of you who didn’t know, Pine Hills Church has planted a church in the downtown area of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and one in Kendallville, Indiana.   On this particular night, all three Pine Hills Churches came together under one roof and worshiped together.  For this event, the majority of lead vocalist were from City Church, our downtown campus.   We had never had the pleasure of hearing their worship team.  Were we in for a treat!

The opening song was Glorious, and let me tell you, it’s hard to hear that song and not jump up and down.  The worship team did an excellent job leading this song.  Alissa and I fell in love with this song immediately.  A half a year later, Alissa still starts her mornings by listening to the song Glorious.

We’ve been in our new position now for almost three months.  Recently, we’ve started playing music in the kitchen as we prepare meals.  It’s hard to start our day without listening to our song, Glorious!  A couple staff members have mentioned that it’s growing on them as well.  Even our Dominican staff who don’t speak English like it.

This past Sunday we were attending Central Mennonite Church in San Juan.  The worship is similar to our worship back home with one major difference….everything is in Spanish.  Because we are still learning Spanish, we can barely follow along during the service.  This can be slightly discouraging.  As the closing prayer ended, we suddenly heard a familiar beat.  The worship team was on stage and began singing.  We could hardly believe it as we realized the song was Glorious!!!  They were singing OUR SONG!  Eres Glorioso!! We joined in and sang the entire song (in English, of course). For the first time, we felt at home with our Dominican brothers and sisters in Christ!  It was a wonderful moment! What a great reminder that despite our differences, we were all serving the same God!  And he is glorious!

If you haven’t heard the song already, check out BJ Putnam Glorious on YouTube!

Thank you all again for sticking with us through this journey!  Please continue to pray not only for us but for each of us serving here!


With Love,

The Millers!

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