Solid Rock International

Clean Water Program

In the Dominican Republic, tap water is not recommended to be used for drinking as it can carry harmful bacteria and parasites. Clean water must be purchased and extra precautions should be taken when cooking and cleaning.

Solid Rock International has partnered with First Presbyterian Church of Nashville, Tennessee, and Second Presbyterian Church of Roanoke, Virginia, to install a clean water dispensing station at the CCED School in San Juan to provide the residents of the surrounding barrios clean drinking water at a fair price.

The system installed has been developed by Living Waters for the World. Students at the CCED School now have the opportunity to learn first hand how the system works and grow up with a better understanding of the importance of clean water. Also, teachers are able to incorporable practical lessons on proper hygiene and drinking purified water into their curriculum. The entire neighborhood surrounding the school now has convenient access to clean water that will help to improve the overall health and well-being of the community. Click here to view photos of our first water purification system at the CCED school!

If you would like to donate to support future projects within this important program, please click here!